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The single most important task for a prospective investor is to prepare a realistic cash flow statement that accurately reflects the economic potential of that business.

To the extent that you are buying a franchise, the only source of reliable, in-depth information on financial aspects of the company will be through the company’s Item 19 (Financial Performance Representations, (FPR) previously Earnings Claim Statement). Although the methodology might differ, the data reflects actual historical sales, expense and/or profit data on franchise operations, based on actual results of the existing franchisees.

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Whereas only about 25% of franchisors provided this critical information as recently as five years ago, that percentage is currently approaching 65%. Given the critical importance of having meaningful information upon which to justify an investment, the inclusion of an Item 19 may become mandatory within the next five to ten years.

We have extracted a significant percentage of the Item 19s/FPRs that are currently available (as well as historical) and make them available to our visitors. The documents may be purchased individually for $40.00 or as a package (either by industry group—Food, Lodging, Retail or Service—or by year). You may begin shopping for Item 19s/FPRs by using our directory to the right side of this page. Those Item 19s that are red-lined are noted as such. In addition to the Item 19 in its entirety, the documents also include the first page of the franchisor’s FDD.

All Item 19/FPR documents will be emailed to you within 24 hours after purchase.

Entire FDDs/UFOCs may be purchased from our sister website at, formerly Over 30,000 current and archived FDDs and UFOCs are available on the site.

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